Monday, August 27, 2007

The Week in Review

Thank you to the last week's contributors:

Delirium Tremens
Jack Midnight
Naughty Natanya
Paris Green
Zeugma aka Jezebel Express

Please feel free to continue posting to any topic from previous weeks. Topics will always remain open. If they get too far gone down the blog, feel free to call for a bump and I will re-post the questions so you don't have to search the archives for them.

Footnotes for the week of 8/19/07

In the course of our discussion, performers, venues, websites and other burlesque departures were discussed or featured in the daily topics or comments section. Here are footnotes and further reading/viewing from this week's discussion.

Is there anything off-limits in burlesque?

Jennie Lee
Miss Dirty Martini at Dr. Sketchy's NYC
The Glamazons perform at the GLBT 2007 Expo
Michelle L'Amour in her debut performance of her tribute to Sally Rand
Julie Atlas Muz in the short film High Art at Low Tide
A brief clip of Harvest Moon performing at Exotic World 2007
Jo Boobs performing at Exotic World 2007
Dita von Teese rides a giant lipstick

Are there situations/things that you are afraid of?

Spinal Tap tries to find the stage - "Hello Cleveland!"

What is your favorite song to perform to?

Jack Midnight performs "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?" and "Beyond the Sea"
Eartha Kitt performs "I Want to Be Evil" live at Kaskad (1962)
Yma Sumac sings "Gopher Mambo" with footage from a French documentary on her life (I couldn't find a sample of "Taki Rari" out there, but this seemed a pretty fair song substitution - Forum Admin)

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Naughty Natanya said...

I just wanted to post briefly to mention how much I love the weekly footnotes! It's always great supplemental stuff and I laughed and laughed to see the Spinal Tap clip in there. You definitely made my morning. Rock on, Forum Admin. Rock on.