Thursday, August 23, 2007

Are you going to the New York Burlesque Festival?

With the festival kick off in one week, this seemed appropriate...

Are you going to the New York Burlesque Festival? Are you performing or just taking in all the burlesque the weekend has to offer? Does anyone actually know what the VIP tickets for the Main Event get you? Early speculation on Golden Pasties winners?


Jack Midnight said...

I will be attending the festivities just to enjoy what the rest of the country has to offer. I'm very familiar with the Chicago contingent; not so much with the rest. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the performers that have been posting here, as well as looking up our friend Bloody Belle who recently moved to NYC.

Paris Green said...

Jack and I will be at the Premiere Party at Element and the Saturday Spectacular at Highline Ballroom. We're coming to watch the shows and meet folks. Ditto to what Jack said about meeting the performers that post here - if you're going to be around, let's grab a drink!

And if you can only catch one performer out of Chicago at the fest this year (I know she's now technically in New York since she just moved) - check out Bloody Belle. The lady is dynamite. She's performing on Friday night at Element.

Zeugma said...

I'm stage kittening on Saturday night, and will definitely be at the Sunday and Thursday events (working another gig Friday).

Can't wait to give my Exotic World friends hugs and meet some new ones!