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NYBF Preview - New York Edition, Part Two

With the New York Burlesque Festival just a few weekends away and Golden Pastie nomination in effect, let's take a moment to look at some of the talent coming to the festival this year.

Today, part two of the New York City burlesquers:

La JohnJoseph
La JohnJospeh is a beautifully unique performance artist from Great Britain. He recently moved to New York and is constantly performing. His performance and directorial credits include the Dada vaudeville cabaret troupe BOYFRIENDROBOTIQUE with which he appeared onstage in San Francisco with the Cockettes, at Paris' oldest queer tango club for Fashion Week and alongside Sir Ian McKellen at the House of Homosexual Culture's Autumn Fayre.
La JohnJoseph performs "Teacher's Pet" at Sugar Shack Burlesque

Little Brooklyn
Sweet as an egg cream, thrilling as the Cyclone, and built like the Brooklyn Bridge, Little Brooklyn is a mover and shaker in New York's burlesque scene. She has performed at New York venues such as the Slipper Room, the Cutting Room, Sideshows by the Sea Shore at Coney Island, the New York Burlesque Festival and exotic shows including Miss Exotic World and Tease-O-Rama.
Little Brooklyn performs at Miss Exotic World 2007

Lola Pearl
Lola can be seen shaking, twirling and donning her Sally Rand Fans all around the New York club scene. She has also been a featured model at the Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School and recently competed for the title of Best Debut at the Miss Exotic World Pageant in Las Vegas.
Lola Pearl performs at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Lukki (a.k.a. Lucky), the burlesque legend of stage and screen, began her illustrious career at Texas Guinan's 300 Club at the tender age of 18. Lukki has become a regular fixture in New York City clubs and theatres and has performed at the Slipper Room, Galapagos Art Space, Coney Island's Sideshow by the Seashore and many others. She can often be caught out of town with her pants down where she performs regularly with Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey in Baltimore and Lobster Boy in DC, among others.
Images of Lukki

Murray Hill
Polyester-clad MURRAY HILL, aka “Mr. Showbiz,” is a beloved entertainer, infamous personality, newsmaker, and renowned comedian and host. He tirelessly performs in shows, independent films, videos, television, and comedy clubs in his native New York and all over the world. His long-running and smash-hit THE MURRAY HILL SHOW, “a New York institution” (NY Times), ran for over three years, completely sold-out.
Murray Hill in The Murray Hill Show

Nasty Canasta
Burlesque baby Nasty Canasta wasn't born nasty, she's just drawn that way. Her burlesque performances celebrate the vagaries of pop culture and the wicked sense of humor that makes it all bearable. Nasty can be found bumping & grinding, turning (magic) tricks, and fending off the advances of lascivious puppets at various unsavory locations throughout Brooklyn and NYC.
Nasty Canasta at Miss Exotic World 2007 with Jonny Porkpie competing (and winning) Best Duo

The Peach Tartes
The Peach Tartes, NYC's juiciest burlesque troupe. The Peach Tartes are Lola Dare, Veruca Honeyscotch, Rita Menweep, Scarlet O’Gasm, Madame Rosebud, and Penny Dreadfulz—a band of show women committed to challenging what you think about burlesque, what you know about women and what you expect from entertainment. They collaboratively shake, shimmy and twirl together choreography, storytelling, comedy, emotion, darkness and fire to create innovative and unforgettable events.
A sneak peek of the Peach Tartes

Peekaboo Pointe
Burlesque performer, go-go dancer and trapeze artist, Ms. Pointe can be seen on any given night entertaining crowds all over The Big Apple. You can catch her act at the Slipper Room, Le Scandal Cabaret, Starshine Burlesque, Galapagos, and a host of other venues in New York. Whether teaching burlesque dance classes at the Museum of Sex or dropping her drawers on stage, Peekaboo Pointe is the perfect combination of brains and books... and bumps and grinds.
A brief sample of Peekaboo Pointe

Rose Wood (does anyone have a website for this performer? - Forum Admin)
Rose Wood performs in a variety of venues around New York doing burlesque, go go dancing, and emceeing. She recently competed for the title of Best Boylesque at this year's Miss Exotic World Pageant in Las Vegas.
Rose Wood demonstrates the miracle product "Waxo" at This or That!

Ruby Valentine
Miss Ruby Valentine, Burlesque's sweetheart, has been performing in New York since 2003. She began her career as a member of The Ixion Burlesque Company and has performed with the top Burlesque stars of the time at premier exhibitions and venues, including The Slipper Room, Le Scandal, The Tank theater on 42nd, The Va Va Voom Room, Rififi (Cinema Classics), Coney Islands "Burlesque by the Beach", Galapagos Art Space, and many more. This cake eaters dream curremtly has a role in the off Broadway play, The Gregor and Olga Show", were she plays "Ruby" a sweet burlesque dancer with big city smarts and a heart of gold.
Images of Ruby Valentine

Miss Saturn
Jenny McGowan (a.k.a Miss. Saturn) is the quintessential show person. She creates original performance work that combines vaudeville antics, saucy burlesque, audience interaction, impeccable timing, sparkling costumes, wigs, accents, booty shakin' music (from Le Tigre to Zorba the Greek) and up to 40 hula hoops to create of a one of a kind performance.
Miss Saturn is the winning curtain in This or That!

Scotty the Blue Bunny
Scotty The Blue Bunny is a 5-year veteran of the NY nightlife scene. He makes his own outfits and is a self-contained variety artist: he sings, spiels, eats fire, performs magic, hosts/emcees, and generally drives the party. Nightlife venue appearances include The Slipper Room, The Gramercy Comedy Club, The Comedy Cellar, Fez under Time Cafe, Bombshell Burlesque, The Red Vixen Burlesque, The Blue Angel, Joe's Pub and SHINE.
Scotty the Blue Bunny in a spot for Current TV.

The first ever Mr. Exotic World (winner of Best Boylesque at Miss Exotic World 2006), Tigger also has a Golden Pastie Award for "Performer Most Likely to Get Shut Down by the Law" under his belt. The New York Times has called him a "hysterical and acrobatic man in drag."
Tigger performs "Father McTigger" at Pinchbottom Burlesque

Wasabassco Burlesque
Wasabassco Burlesque is the producer of the finest burlesque shows in Brooklyn and the five boroughs! Team Wasabassco is headed by the Kingpin of Burlesque, Bill Morton, and his usual gang of lucious lovelies; GiGi La Femme, Nasty Canasta, Peekaboo Pointe & Scarlet Sinclair. Wasabassco hosts a monthly burlesque show at the expansive and ever so comfy Living Room Lounge in South Park Slope Brooklyn, as well as feature shows at Brooklyn hot spots Union Hall, & Southpaw and many fine venues throughout New York.
Two short clips of Wasabassco Burlesque

The White Boom Boom
New York boylesque sensation The White Boom Boom has appeared at a variety of venues around the city of New York including Coney Island, the New York Burlesque Festival as a featured model at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School and with Pinchbottom Burlesque.
The White Boom Boom performs in The Bump and Grindhouse at Coney Island

The World Famous *BoB*
There are boobs and there is *BOB* - New York City's self-described "female-female impersonator". A tireless performer whose special skills consist of boob aerobics, breakdancing (in six-inch heels), martini mixing (with her ample cleavage) and pronouncing her name backwards on command, *BOB* has helped perpetuate the burlesque tradition in her bawdy performances at legendary New York City venues, clubs and festivals including The Pyramid Club, SqueezeBox, The Slipper Room and Wigstock, where she performed for four consecutive years.
A brief sample of The World Famous *BoB* from Margaret Cho's "The Sensuous Woman"

The World Famous Pontani Sisters
The World Famous Pontani Sisters are a trio of choreographed cuties circling the globe on a quest to bring glamour back to entertainment. The Sisters have garnered rave reviews in countless leading national and international publications. Their high-kicks, syncopated taps and sizzling shimmies have dazzled discerning audiences everywhere, from their beloved Coney Island to the glittering lights of Hollywood. Their stage show has been featured on television programs around the country, including repeat appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.
Do the "Kitty Kat" with the Pontani Sisters

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