Wednesday, August 22, 2007


If you were to be famous for something, burlesque or otherwise, what would you choose?


Anonymous said...

For sleeping with a hot, young Hollywood actor.

Delirium Tremens said...

thats the most pathetic response ever. I'm wondering if perhaps you (whoever runs this board) might consider banning anonymous comments..there have been a bunch of inane ones here.

Let people write whatever crap they like, but let's make them sign their "name" to it.

Burlesque Forum said...

I have considered turning off the anonymous commenting feature since there is adequate means to anonymously comment in the "other" category, but the principle of blocking unfettered discussion has always stopped me.

Delirium Tremens said...

I understand that, and in principle I totally agree, but considering the run of silly comments lately, perhaps its time to reconsider?

someone (or some people) are clearly interested in making the board as negative or stupid as possible.

Sorry if I'm out of line here but I think this forum is a valuable one, and I think this is inhibiting it from its full potential.

Burlesque Forum said...

Agreed, hence the poll on the front page. Others have also contacted me about it. If there are no strenous objections I will turn the feature off, but I want to make sure everyone has a say first.