Friday, June 29, 2007

Welcome to the Burlesque Forum!

Welcome to the Burlesque Forum!

The aim of this blog is to provide burlesque performers and fans an arena in which to discuss the artform of burlesque and other issues concerning the burlesque community as well as to serve as a clearhouse for news items and resources helpful to performers and fans alike. It is intended to spark healthy debate, pass along tricks of the trade and foster a sense of greater community throughout the burlesque world.

Anonymous posting in the comments section is allowed and your comments won't be moderated. However, the following things WILL get deleted from the comments section:

*Posting spam or advertisements of any kind
*Personal attacks or unlawful statements against another participant (insults, racial slurs, death threats, etc.)

In essence, don't be a spammer... don't be a troll.

If you have a topic for discussion, please email it to the forum administrator at No topic is too great or too small. Each day a new question for discussion will be posted. Topics will begin July 8, 2007.