Friday, August 10, 2007

It's a hypothetical Friday!

You wake up, you smell smoke - the house is on fire! You've saved the kids, the cat, the family heirlooms, but you only have time to save one item from your burlesque closet/stash. What do you take?


Zeugma said...

Jesus. Um... the scalpel from my Little Drop of Poison act so I can slit my wrists? Kidding. Mostly.


Burlesque Daily said...

Bambi the Mermaid's playing card deck of Freak Pinups! And my computer. All my costumes are in storage outside my house.

Paris Green said...

I'm with Jo. I'm taking my computer. It's got all my troupe's music, backing tracks, website stuff, photos and four years of business info on it.