Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Technology and the bump and grind?

Dita rides a giant mechanical lipstick. Tigerlil uses actual powertools in her act. There have been multiple sightings of propeller pasties and electric bras and panties. It would seem that batteries are included when it comes to burlesque.

What creative uses of technology in burlesque have you seen? Do you have a gadget striptease (or a gadget used in striptease)?


Zeugma said...

I recently saw Tigger strip as a robot for the first time, so that was a first for me as far as 'stripper AS technology' was concerned.

I do a lightning bug number where my ass lights up, and it's really fun to travel with because the costume piece is a big yellow bug butt stuffed with batting and wires. It has 75 LED lights in it, all individually wired and jerry-rigged so it would take less batteries to run... and the pasties for that number also work on rewired watch batteries. I always get interrogated in airports because they're sure I'm carrying a homemade bomb. When they see my wings and the matching corset, they're usually convinced that I'm not dangerous... just crazy.

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