Monday, August 20, 2007

The Week in Review

Thank you to the last week's contributors:

Delirium Tremens
Holly Rebelle
Jack Midnight
Paris Green
Zeugma aka Jezebel Express

Please feel free to continue posting to any topic from previous weeks. Topics will always remain open. If they get too far gone down the blog, feel free to call for a bump and I will re-post the questions so you don't have to search the archives for them.

Footnotes for the week of 8/12/07

In the course of our discussion, performers, venues, websites and other burlesque departures were discussed or featured in the daily topics or comments section. Here are footnotes and further reading/viewing from this week's discussion.

Are drag acts and transgendered performers boylesque?

An image of Madame X
Rose Wood demonstrates the miracle product "Waxo" at This or That!

Is anything off-limits in burlesque

The Glamazons perform in the Top 8 on America's Got Talent
Miss Dirty Martini's promotional video
The Von Foxies in their tribute to Seattle

What inspires you?

Tempest Storm in "A Night in Hollywood"
Evangeline the Oyster Girl
Bettie Page in a little dance number
Dita von Teese performs at the Just for Laughs Festival 2006 in Montreal
Satan's Angel
Miss Dirty Martini performs her tribute to Zorita at This or That!
Julie Atlas Muz performs her bubble act to "My Way"
Images of Sasha von Bon Bon
Mae West in She Done Him Wrong
Tallulah Bankhead in a scene from Devil in the Deep
John Cameron Mitchell in Hedwig and the Angry Inch performing "Midnight Radio"
Anna Nicole Smith performs "My Heart Belongs Daddy"
Elizabeth Taylor in the powder room scene of Cleopatra
Anna Sui fashion show - 2007 Spring/Summer collection
The Muppets perform "Mahna Mahna"
Pina Bausch and Tanztheatre Wuppertal performs "Rite of Spring"
Rambert Dance Company
Fred Astaire performs "Puttin' on the Ritz"
Armando Duarte

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