Tuesday, August 7, 2007

News Item: NYBF Golden Pasties Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the New York Burlesque Festival 2007 Golden Pasties Awards are now open.

To nominate your favorite performers for the categories below, copy and paste all or select categories and submit your choices to nybf@thenewyorkburlesquefestival.com and be sure to put "Golden Pasties" in the subject line.

You can only nominate your choices once and may only nominate performers that are performing at this year's NYBF. A list of performers can be found here. Nominations must be received by Wednesday, August 15th, at which point the top nominated performers will be posted in the appropriate categories and the polls will open and the voting will begin!

Golden Pastie Categories:

*Performer most likely to drink you under the table & take advantage of you while you are down there.

*Performer most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

*The biggest sweetheart in burlesque.

*The most unpredictable performer in burlesque.

*The best booty shaker in burlesque.

*The best physique in burlesque.

*The most inspiring/influencial performer in burlesque.

*The performer that makes you want to take your clothes off.

*The performer you would most like to share a 4x8 dressing room with all night.

*The performer most likely to pop a pastie.

*The performer most likely to be diagnosed with OCD in regards to their extreme usage of rhinestones & general bedazzling.

*The best newcomer of 2007.

*Best use of non-traditional items for pasties.

*The performer most likely to be married at least 3 times.

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