Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Burlesque Forum Videos

For point of clarification, I guess, more than anything else, allow me to step out of my role as an admin to have a brief moment of explanation and opinion...

I think it's tremendously important that we look at and experience the burlesque that's happening all over the place and from all points in time. That's why I pull together a crib sheet at the end of each week and I try to gather links to performers personal pages, but especially to videos of burlesque and related performances. Not everyone has access in their home town to as rich and diverse a community as say, someplace like New York, so videos are the next best thing. I believe that there are great and wonderful things happening in places that are off the beaten path that you might have never heard of as well. I'd also love for there to be a common language to burlesque, so that when we talk about Performer X or Performance Style Y, we've seen that in action, we're familiar with the person, we understand the shorthand.

And so ends my momentary lapse of opinion.

I'm starting a Burlesque Forum Video section over at YouTube. All the videos that have been included in comments sections and Week in Review posts will be archived there. If you would like to have videos of your burlesque performances archived there for people to see, please send your links to the Burlesque Forum Mail and I will add them as well.

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