Thursday, September 6, 2007

Your creative process?

How do you approach putting together a new act for yourself or your troupe? Do you have a general idea of what you want to do and then find the bits and pieces? Do you take your inspiration from music or a costume piece? What is your creative process?


Vixen Violette said...

For me it's about different things at different times. When I started, three years ago, I had a concept in mind, all I cared about was being a cowgirl. All of the numbers following, however, were all about the music. I would drive cohorts crazy trying to find the perfect track. Now that I'm trying to stretch myself to do bigger and bolder things onstage, I find myself also trying to make my work more personal. What does Ariel get off on? What do I bring to the party that doesn't always come through as Vixen Violette? What part of myself is not represented here?

So far this has helped me come up with some really interesting concepts, we'll have to wait and see how they work out onstage!

Naughty Natanya said...

I'm most often inspired by a piece of music, with the concept and narrative springing from the song. Sometimes, a costume piece will spark something (especially if I need to justify a ludicrous purchase to myself--it's for an act!). I've participated in themed shows, too, where the suggested theme sent me off in a direction I wouldn't have thought of myself.

Naughty Natanya

Naughty Natanya said...
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