Wednesday, September 19, 2007

News Item: Boston Babydoll Competes on "America's Next Top Model"

Boston Babydoll Competes on "America's Next Top Model"

BOSTON, MA September 19, 2007 - Tyra Banks must be a burlesque fan. Out of tens of thousands of applicants, she decided that one of The Boston Babydolls had the potential to be America's Next Top Model. Boston Babydoll Vita Lightly (also known as Sarah) is one of the thirteen contestants on the next season of the popular television show. America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 premieres with a one-hour broadcast on Wednesday, September 19 at 8PM ET/PT.

Vita has been performing with The Boston Babydolls since January of this year after Scratch, the co-founder of the troupe, spotted her at a Cambridge nightclub. "Sometimes I just see someone and know they've got what it takes to be part of The Boston Babydolls. Vita had the right look and an easy confidence".

The other Boston Babydolls are thrilled with their fellow troupe member's television debut. "We're all going to be watching," said Miss Mina, the other founder of the troupe. "We think she'll go far. A lot of these reality shows are about grace under pressure, and that's a key part of being a burlesque dancer". Miss Mina, who teaches burlesque through The Boston Babydolls' Boston Academy of Burlesque Education, went on to say that Vita is rare combination of talent, beauty, and common sense. "She's surprisingly grounded, in spite of all the exciting things that have happened to her."

Despite her busy schedule, the 20-year old college student is committed to performing with The Boston Babydolls. "She's got a lot of exciting opportunities ahead of her," said Scratch, who has taken on the role of Sarah's personal manager. "ANTM had already opened a lot of doors for Sarah. We're not sure what the future holds, but we know she'd like to finish college and continue performing with The Boston Babydolls". A recent move to New Jersey has forced Vita to limit how often she participates in Boston Babydoll shows. The Boston Babydolls perform at The Paradise Lounge on the last Sunday of every month and Vita will continue to dance with them as often as she can.

America's Next Top Model 9
Wednesday, September 19, 8PM ET/PT on The CW

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