Friday, September 7, 2007


When you introduce yourself to people in the burlesque community, do you use your stage name or your real name or does it depend on the situation? Same question, but when you introduce yourself to non-burlesquers in connection with your burlesque activities?


Michelle Baldwin said...

Mostly both- some people know me best because of the book.

Naughty Natanya said...

I took the very easiest road--Natanya is the name on my birth certificate. I'd already built a bit of a brand association with my reasonably unusual name through my modeling work and I wanted to capitalize on that when I started performing. I've rarely regretted it, although I may run into some issues later, when I finally go respectable. I've tried to at least keep my last name away from my modeling and burlesque work--Google search results for my real name are pretty clean.

Using my real name certainly does make it easier to introduce myself, if nothing else.

LukBaLady said...

I use my stage name if I'm at a performance. When I'm performing, I'm in character, and she has a name. But, if I'm brainstorming with a troupe, other dancers or at a burlesque conference, my real name is what I use.