Thursday, September 6, 2007

News Item: The 5th Annual NYBF Golden Pasties Winners

The Winners of the 5th Annual Golden Pasties

Performer Most Likely to Be Diagnosed with OCD Because of Extreme Usage of Bedazzling
Amber Ray

Performer Most Likely to Drink You Under the Table and Take Advantage of You While You Are Down
Scotty the Blue Bunny

The Biggest Sweetheart in Burlesque
Angie Pontani

The Most Unpredictable Performer in Burlesque

The Best Newcomer of 2007
Precious Little

The Most Inspiring/Influential Performer in Burlesque
TIE - The World Famous *BoB* and Little Brooklyn

The Performer You Would Most Like to Share a 4x8 Dressing Room with All Night
Miss Saturn

The Performer Most Likely to Be the Next Queen of England

The Performer Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize
Jo Boobs

The Best Booty Shaker in Burlesque
Creamy Stevens

The Performer Most Likely to Pop a Pastie
The World Famous *BoB*

The Performer Most Likely to Become a Scientologist
Miss Saturn

The Best Physique in Burlesque
Angie Pontani

Best Use of Non-Traditional Items as Pasties
Nasty Canasta

The Performer Most Likely to Be Married at Least 3 Times
Murray Hill

The Performer That Makes You Want to Take Your Clothes Off
Jo Boobs

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