Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What is the best costume you've ever worn?

Feathers or beads? Sequins or rhinestones? Vintage or space-age plastics? What is the best costume you've ever worn onstage?


cosimclever said...

Well now you mention it naked is best
and a parasol
found a beautiful one here designed by antoni and alison

CreditReportDotCom said...

I actually like the Russian figure skating ice dancers' costume for Winter Olympics 2010.
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Missing James by Marissa said...

I make costumes and corsets for burlesque girls if anyone is interested. I do any style of corset in any size, and can make tutus, panniers, etc.

Check out my blog:

And my Etsy Store:

sugarblossom said...

Miss Emmyloo Australia - nice range of ladies Burlesque Corsets, Costumes, dress etc to buy online -


sugarblossom said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Right. So I've never burlesque danced before. I've watched it but that is a very different thing. I DO belly dance regularly if that counts? Dressing up is such a fun part of the hobby. Anyway I'm here as doing a little research.... tried my first corset the other day and I'm hooked. Already a lingerie addict and posted up a little video of me in some Velda Lauder. Now I know this isn't burlesque but it has got me thinking...


Denise Kochems said...
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Denise Kochems said...

Hello togehter,

it is the best to have a good collection of outfits or even parts of it you can combine.

It starts with nipple pasties and a string. Followed up by a perfect korsett, stockings and nice heehls :) Finished with some overwhelming feather headdress and boa!

Me and my dancing partners by our outfits in germany at the burlesque online shop: www.burlesque-dessous.de

If you are also a dancer from munich you are more then welcome to contact me / us.

Thanks a lot.

your Denise