Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Your favorite burlesque tributes?

You pay homage to a certain special someone or something in your act. A trendsetter of burlesque, perhaps. An icon of dance... or fashion... A starlet of days gone by... Or maybe it's your expression of praise for your hometown, your favorite team, or a REALLY exceptional piece of pie (mmmmm... pie). Tributes - who's got the best ones on the burlesque stages?


Clams Casino said...

I have a long list...Jo Boobs tributing Honi Harlow, Little Brooklyn tributing Richard Simmons or Pee-Wee Herman, Gigi La Femme tributing Leia, *BOB* tributing Dixie, Sparkly Devil tributing Joan Crawford...I know I'm leaving out a whole bunch too...

Mr. Burlesque said...

Kitten DeVille's Dixie Evans tribute was the best.

Anonymous said...

Angie Pontani tributing Blaze Starr
and Dirty Martini as Zorita.

Mr. Burlesque said...

I think the question is who's got the best one.

Anonymous said...

No, it says "ones" not "one." If you want to change the question ask it in your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Rose wood's tribute to Vicki Lynn.

Zeugma said...

I love Rose's Vicki Lynn too. I'm also endlessly amused by Scarlet Sinclair's tribute to Nasty Canasta.

Anonymous said...

REALLY exceptional piece of pie?
that is just ridiculous!
mmmmm... pie.

Shangri-Laura said...

Wow, these are ALL good examples. Hmmm.. I forget the exact name of the show, but Darlinda Just Darlinda does a whole evening of neo-BQ peeps "covering" each other's signature acts. I only caught one, but it was insanely brilliant and entertaining. I know someone has video--can you please post?

On a more formal tip, I agree that Kitten DeVille's tribute to Dixie was SMASHING--and the fact that she actually spent time with Dixie to learn her moves and motivations made it all the better. That, and her decision not to "clean up" the original act, which was, in the parlance of the era, rather "strong" (as in, dirty).

Yay for research! Yay for attribution! Yay for dirty!

Anonymous said...

Shangri-Laura, that night was
"OFF THE TOP: A Burlesque Improv and Tribute Show"
Tigger! as Little Brooklyn
Little Brooklyn as Miss Saturn
and video
Miss Saturn as Tigger!
Scarlet Sinclair as Nasty Canasta
and video
Darlinda Just Darlinda as Scarlet Sinclair and
Nasty Canasta as Darlinda Just Darlinda

Burlesque Daily said...

All of the above, I agree with all those! And I really loved the Pinchbottom "Pinch Brothers" tribute to the Marx Brothers.


The Pinchbottom shows are incredible--scripted (but not too tightly), full of insider jokes to please regulars but just as much fun if you don't know a thing about the performers or the pop culture they're referencing. Just brilliant. I go to the shows whenever I'm not in them. New York magazine awarded them "Best Burlesque Show" in the "Best of New York" issue a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

I thought Michelle L'Amour's recent tribute to Sally Rand was very beautiful. Those fans are amazing.