Monday, July 9, 2007

Who is the most underrated burlesque performer?

Now that the pomp and pageantry of Exotic World is over and done with... here's your chance to sing the praises of the performers that you feel are the most underrated in the burlesque community. Maybe they're from the local troupe in your town and they don't do the national conventions and festivals. Maybe they are simply the most fantastic tassel twirlers you've ever seen. Give 'em their props here.

Who is currently the most underrated burlesque performer?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you can consider her underrated since she's brand spankin' new to burlesque, but Frenchie Kiss out of Chicago is fantastic. She just started performing via Michelle L'amour's burlesque classes and got picked up with her Star and Garter Burlesque group as a Starlet. Girl can whip those tassels around like a pro and shimmy with the best of them.

She's definitely one to watch!

Jack Midnight said...

Bloody Belle (currently here in Chicago for about 2 more weeks before she heads to NYC) is 10 kinds of awesome... sassy, bitchy, funny.

Jared Logan is a top-notch burlesque comedian. He's definitely underrated, because everyone forgets that THERE ARE MEN IN BURLESQUE. In fact, men proceeded women. And comedians were there at the start.

And, of course, me. Jack Midnight. Emcee of the Belmont Burlesque Revue, and the finest burlesque emcee in the world. I shit you not.

Anonymous said...

Actually, speaking from the New York end, I've been pretty impressed by Miss Tickle. She always amuses the shit out of me and her book routine is really, really clever.

Burlesque Daily said...

Second Miss Tickle. I've known her for years and she's a favorite. I don't think she's underrated by anyone who's actually seen her, but she doesn't get a lot of exposure in festivals because she rarely travels to perform.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I've been beaten to the "Ms. Tickle" punch, but suffice to say she is one of the most imaginative, innovative and technically proficient teasers I've ever encountered. Seriously: both her 'reverse strip' and 'book of striptease' numbers should be required viewing for all aspiring Burlesquers--right up there with Christopher Walken's striptease from 'Pennies from Heaven' and Bette Midler's entire Dolores DeLago/bath-house canon.

As far as other neo-BQ performers who've blown my mind yet somehow never received proper recognition as true pioneers of the art, I'd like to put in for Ami Goodheart, Michelle Carr, Torchy Taboo, Babette La Favre (who's 'Poor Lil' from T-O-R II is forever etched in my brain), Amber Ray, Kitty Diggins, Harvest Moon, Miss Saturn and Portland-to-LA export Lucy Fur... Truly the tip of the iceberg, but it's much more difficult to qualify someone as being 'underrated' as opposed to existing just below the national/inernational radar when, truly, EVERYONE should get to see them perform.

Burlesque Daily said...

Great minds, etc.--I do show video of Ms. Tickle in some classes, as well as the Walken clip!

You can see some great pix of this act in her myspace:

Burlesque Forum said...

True... perhaps underrated was the wrong word to use in the question. I realized that a day or so after I posted it. Thankfully everyone is giving props as props are deserved.

Keep 'em coming. Who else?

Anonymous said...

Burlesque performers who don't live on either coast or in a major metropolitan area are generally underrated.