Friday, July 27, 2007

NYBF Performers!

The New York Burlesque Festival has announced their performer line-up:

Murray Hill, NYC
Scotty the Blue Bunny, NYC
Miss Astrid, NYC
Albert Cadabra, NYC

The World Famous *BoB*, NYC
Angie Pontani, NYC
Delilah Samson, London
Creamy Stevens, NYC
Imogen Kelly, Australia
Peekaboo Pointe, NYC
Tigger, NYC
Michelle Lamour, Chicago
Rose Wood, NYC
Bonnie Dunn, NYC
Miss Delirium Tremens, NYC
Darlinda Just Darlinda, NYC
Dottie Lux, NYC
Bloody Belle, Chicago
Jonny Porkpie, NYC
Nasty Canasta, NYC
Vivienne Vavoom, Denver
Jo Boobs, NYC
Gal Friday, NYC
Helen Pontani, NYC
Ruby Valentine, NYC
Lux La Croix, LA
Amber Ray, NYC
Lukki, NYC
Little Brooklyn, NYC
Lola Pearl, NYC
Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers, SF
Ruby White, LA
Gwendoline Lamour, London
Diamond Back Annie, LA
Miss Saturn, NYC
Tigerlil, Australia
Harvest Moon, NYC
Orchid Mei, Denver
Vivian Velvet, Chicago
Black Cat Burlesque, Boston
Clams Casino, NYC
Fanny Tastic, Chicago
La JohnJoseph, NYC
The White Boom Boom, NYC

Budoir Bondage, Sweden
Wasabassco Burlesque, NYC
Kissing Cousins, NYC
Anita Cookie & Scott Rayow, NYC
Skin Tight Outta Sight, Toronto
Fannie Spankings & Charlie Champale, Denver
Big Apple Burlesque, NYC
Belladonnas De Lux, Australia
The Peach Tartes, NYC
Dames Aflame, Atlanta
Verotica 143, Seattle
Gravity Plays Favorites, St Louis
The World Famous Pontani Sisters, NYC
Black Cat Burlesque, Boston
Honey Touche & Lexi Demure, Denver

So... what do you think? Acts you're looking forward to? New faces you're excited to see? Good variety/representation? Something missing? Or are festivals just not your cup of tea so you really don't have an opinion?


Mr. Burlesque said...

I have no opinion.

Jack Midnight said...

Paris Green and I will be heading to NYC for this to meet and greet as many of you lovely people as we can! See you soon!

Vinyl Whores said...

Sounds awesome, I love Murray Hill.
check out my Gypsy Rose Lee blog post guys, its hot

Rita Nyarkoh said...

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