Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Week in Review

Big thanks to The Candy Pitch, readers at Mister Burlesque and Jo Weldon on her LiveJournal page and posting to the Burlesque Today group for sending traffic this way.

It was a great way to start off our first week here with actual comments and discussion rather than crickets chirping. Thank you to this week's contributors:

Cherche LaFemme
Holly Rebelle
Jack Midnight
Jo Weldon
Laura Herbert
Michelle Baldwin
Paris Green
RunAround Sue
Scarlett Letter
Zeugma aka Jezebel Express

Please feel free to continue posting to any topic from previous weeks. Topics will always remain open. If they get too far gone down the blog, feel free to call for a bump and I will re-post the questions so you don't have to search the archives for them.

Footnotes for the week of 7/8/07

In the course of our discussion, performers, venues, websites and other burlesque departures were discussed or featured in the daily topics or comments section. Here are footnotes and further reading/viewing from this week's discussion.

What is burlesque?

Abbott and Costello in "Who's on First"
The Burlesque Hall of Fame
Don Rickles on the Dean Martin Variety Hour
Lenny Bruce on The Steve Allen Show
Minsky's Burlesque
Mister Burlesque
The New York Burlesque Festival
Pinchbottom Burlesque at Exotic World 2007 (Winners, Best Duo)
Pretty Things
Sherry Britton
The Slipper Room
The women of Starshine Burlesque answer the question What is burlesque? for
The Suicide Girls performing on their Burlesque Tour
Tempest Storm performing a classic striptease
Tyler Fyre

Who is the most underrated burlesque performer?

Amber Ray at Burlesque Blitz 2007
Ami Goodheart - Showgirl of the Universe
Belmont Burlesque Revue - History Repeating
Bette Midler as Delores DeLago
Bloody Belle at The Girlie-Q Variety Hour
Christopher Walken's striptease from Pennies From Heaven
Frenchie Kiss
Harvest Moon at The Slipper Room
Jack Midnight sings at The Belmont Burlesque Revue
Jared Logan muses on The Complete Breakfast
Kitty Diggins
Lucy Fur performing at Lucha Va Voom's Valentine's Sextacular
Michelle Carr (aka Valentina Violette)
Michelle L'Amour in "Your Biggest Fan"
Miss Saturn on the game show This! or That!
Ms Tickle
Star and Garter Burlesque
Torchy Taboo

You Don't Own Me - Burlesque or Performance Art?

Albert Cadabra performs boylesque at Exotic World 2007 (video in 3 parts)
Julie Atlas Muz interviewed on Something Weird, with clips of her winning Exotic World 2006 performance

What is your local burlesque scene like?

Bella Donna Burlesque
Belmont Burlesque Revue - "History Repeating"
Burlesque Noir performs "Violently Happy"
Bustout Burlesque
Fleur de Tease
Kittie Irreverent
Michelle L'Amour in "Your Biggest Fan"
The Pussycat Dolls perform "Pink Panther/Fever" live
September Smith

Prime Time Burly-Q?

The Glamazons performance on America's Got Talent 2
Some of the message board threads concerning Michelle L'Amour from the America's Got Talent website

Videotaping burlesque?

The New York Burlesque Festival
Tease-O-Rama Burlesque Convention
Windows Movie Maker 2.1 Download

If you have topics you'd like to discuss here on the Forum or news items you'd like posted, please email them to the Forum Administrator and we'll queue them up.

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